Office Supplies, Services

Before we made the transition to selling electronic forms only at the beginning of 2021, we provided office supplies and a number of services to many customers in downtown Portland and elsewhere. If you were one of those customers, you may be wondering where you should take your business now. We're happy to offer you some helpful suggestions. 

Office Supplies 

For our customers who had commercial accounts with us, we have arranged with the locally-based Strive Workplace Solutions to help you with all your office supply needs. Click here to sign up for a commercial account with Strive – fill in your company information and then select "Stevens-Ness" from the list near the bottom. Strive is a family-owned company in the Portland Metro area that has been helping businesses and non-profit partners achieve their goals since 1967. They're well-qualified to serve you going forward, whether you need office products, cleaning supplies, personal protection equipment, breakroom supplies or commercial furniture.

For our retail customers not tied to a commercial account, we highly recommend Main Street Stamp and Stationery in Tigard (12245 SW Main St.; 503-639-3180) – one of the few remaining independent, family-owned office supply stores in the metropolitan area.


Local, family-owned Stevens Integrated Solutions has been handling much of our printing work for many years, and we're confident they'll deliver the same quality results for you. Contact Rich Stevens at 503-233-5746. Rich promises that in the rare event his company isn't suited for the job you're requesting, he'll do his best to put you in touch with someone who is.

Stamps and Seals

For rubber stamps and notary seals, etc., we suggest that you contact Stamp-Connection, the local company that has been making stamps for us for several years. You can call them at 503-667-1133 or email

Stock Certificates

If you need stock certificates, The Ink Spot Printing in Salem now has our former inventory of Goes certificates and they are well-stocked to supply your needs. Call them at 503-363-6976 or visit their website.

For stock certificates that The Ink Spot doesn't have on hand, we recommend you go to the source: Goes Lithographing Co. – they've been producing world-class lithographed products since 1879. Their stock certificates are found here, but there's much, more on their website.

Tax Forms

Among many other items, Main Street Stamp and Stationery in Tigard (12245 SW Main St.; 503-639-3180) stocks tax forms. If you used to get your tax forms from us, we definitely recommend Main Street as your new source.