With Stevens-Ness electronic forms, no shipping is necessary and your product delivery is immediate. In addition, when you buy an extended subscription instead of a 1-time use, you can return to your account to access your form again and receive any form updates as they occur. So while the process is a little different from buying a physical product on the web, we've set it up to be as straightforward as possible. 

Account Required

When you start the checkout process, you'll notice that you're asked to log into an account. If you don't have an account yet, look at the top right of the page and click "Create an Account." While some online merchants allow you to check out as a guest without creating an account, it's necessary that you have an account on our site because we deliver your purchased forms securely. Whenever you want to access your forms, you're required to log into your account; this is for your protection.

Secure Payments

You can feel secure about purchasing Stevens-Ness electronic forms; our website uses industry-standard secure payment processing and adheres to the highest standards of e-commerce server compliance. Thanks to our PCI-compliant payment processor, we don't actually see your credit card data and therefore we don't (can't) store it. Our certified SSL technology (look for the padlock icon next to the URL at the top of your browser window) ensures that your credit card and other sensitive information is encrypted and sent securely.

Accessing your Purchased Forms

When your purchase is complete, you'll see an order confirmation page; on this page will be a button reading "Access your purchased legal forms." Click this button to see a list of the forms you purchased, and then click any listed form to download it. The form will be placed in whatever folder your browser has designated for downloads. Sometimes pressing Control-J (Windows) or Command-Option-L (Mac) will show you a list of downloaded files; otherwise you may need to use the help features in your browser.

Once you've located your form, do not double-click it. First open Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you haven't downloaded and installed this program yet, see this page for details), then use its "Open" command to locate and open your form.

Note that you'll also receive an order acknowledgment by email, and an additional email with a direct link to your purchased form(s). Be sure to save this email, particularly if you purchased an extended subscription rather than a 1-time use, and also save your login credentials for our site so you can return as necessary to access your purchased forms.

Questions? Please use our Chat feature. We do our best to answer all messages as quickly as possible.