WA 812 Residential Eviction Kit (WA)

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Includes instructions and the following forms:
812.01 Landlord’s Fourteen-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Surrender Premises
812.02 Landlord’s Notice to Terminate Tenancy
812.03 Landlord’s Notice to Terminate Notice – within city of Seattle
812.04 Eviction Summons (Residential)
812.05 Eviction Complaint (Complaint for Unlawful Detainer)
812.06 Plaintiff’s Motion and Declaration for Order to Show Cause
812.07 Plaintiff’s Motion and Declaration for Default and/or Judgment
812.08 Declaration of Proof of Service
812.09 Plaintiff’s Motion and Declaration for Default and/or Judgment
812.10 Notice to Report Status of Dependent of Military Service Member
812.13 Writ of Restitution
812.14 Landlord’s Notice to Conform to Obligations of Tenancy
812.16 Motion; Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law; Judgment; and Order for Writ of Restitution
812.19 Request for Storage of Personal Property
812.20 Landlord’s Notice of Sale or Disposal of Personal Property
812.21 Payment or Sworn Statement Requirement
812.23 Declaration of Nonservice
812.24 Order for Immediate Writ of Restitution
812.25 Landlord’s Notice of Default and/or Payment Plan Ordered by Court